Writers' Workshop series on the Savage Minds anthropology blog

Writing can be a solitary activity. In January 2014, I started an online writing group on Savage Minds which included weekly check-ins and best of all, weekly essays on writing from talented anthropologists. To see all of the writing group and Writers' Workshop posts, click here. All of the (wonderful, inspiring) individual essays are listed below.

Writing Anthropology and Such or, "Once More with Feeling" (Gina Athena Ulysse, 27 January 2014)

Ethnographic Writing with Kirin Narayan: An Interview (3 February 2014) 

On Unreliable Narrators (Sienna Craig, 10 February 2014)

Guard Your Heart and Your Purpose: Faithfully Writing Anthropology (Bianca C. Williams, 17 February 2014) 

My Ten Steps for Writing a Book (Kristen Ghodsee, 24 February 2014)

Writing Archaeology (Zoë Crossland, 3 March 2014)

Dr. Funding, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Grant Funding (Robin Bernstein, 10 March 2014)

Styles of Writing, Techniques of Mentorship: A Tribute to Michel-Rolph Trouillot (Michael Ralph, 17 March 2014)

From Different Throats Intone One Language? (Matt Sponheimer, 24 March 2014) 

And my post which launched the series: http://savageminds.org/2014/01/20/anthropologists-ready-set-write/

Fall 2014 Writers' Worskshop essays: Paul Stoller, Noel B. Salazar, Marnie Thomson, Whitney Battle-Baptiste, Mary Murrell, Roxanne Varzi, Adia Benton, Ghassan Hage, Sita Venkateswan, Catherine Besteman, Kevin Carrico: http://savageminds.org/2014/09/02/announcing-the-fall-2014-writers-workshop-series/

Spring 2015 Writers' Workshop essays: Ruth Behar, Chelsi West, Annie Claus, Alan Kaiser, Anand Pandian, Michael Lambek, Jane Baxter, Sarah Besky, Yarimar Bonilla, Donna Goldstein, and Jess Falcone: http://savageminds.org/2015/01/26/announcing-the-spring-2015-writers-workshop-series/ 

The Fall 2015 Writers' Workshop essays: Kim Fortun, Daniel Goldstein, Sasha Su-Ling Welland, Paul Tapsell, Carla Jones, Katerina, Teaiwa, Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor, Ieva Jusionyte, Gaston Gordillo, Bhrigupati Singh, Barak Kalir, Stuart McLean, and Sara Gonzalez: http://savageminds.org/2015/09/08/anthropologists-writing-the-fall-2015-writers-workshop-essay-series/